Service overview

The human resources market is at a turning point, with significant changes, such as job offers that are not restricted to locations due to the expansion of telework, job-type recruitment, diversification of recruitment methods such as SNS, and generalization of web interviews. Corporate personnel recruitment departments must keep up with this new wave and continue to recruit, develop, and retain human resources who contribute to the growth of the company.

  • Even if you submit a recruitment, the target you want does not gather
  • Adjustment work takes time and cannot concentrate on core work
  • Want to reduce the cost of hiring

Specific content

In addition to our support record of more than 200 companies, we analyze information and market trends through collaboration with agents and partner companies, and assemble strategic branding and actions.

Recruiting consulting

We will make optimal proposals from various recruiting methods such as recruiting media, human resources agents, SNS and direct recruiting.

  • New graduate, mid-career, part-time job
  • Available nationwide

Recruitment outsourcing

Since it can be used on an hourly basis, it is possible to support a wide range of hiring operations without cutting out tasks.

Example of usage

  • Scout mail delivery agency
  • Adjustment of interview schedule
  • Change of recruitment manuscript of self-employment site
  • Telephone contact such as pass/fail notification, call, e-mail contact

You can start from the shortest next day, and it will operate stably. Compared to hiring a hiring manager or temporary staff at your company or temporarily requesting an agent, you can start safely and speedily without any training. There is no risk of sudden retirement or absenteeism by ensuring that work is not personalized and that a team structure is adopted.

Hiring Branding

Depending on the name recognition, the company size, and the type of industry, no matter how good a company may be, it may be difficult to receive applications because the appeal of the company is not conveyed. Design recruitment from a strategic approach.

In addition, we also accept the following.

  • Creation of recruitment website
  • Video, advertisement, manga production
  • Event exhibition support, novelty goods production

Case 1

Industry: Manufacturing

Request: Reduce recruitment costs across the country and for multiple occupations

Solution: It took time and effort to use the advertisements and referrals each time as a response to the vacancy or increase in the number of spots from each department. Since there are always open positions, we have set up an in-house site that is optimized for indie and Google job search so that we can immediately start recruiting itself. By doing so, flexible recruitment is possible according to the needs of the company, and mismatches are reduced by gathering the information that you want to convey. We were able to reduce the cost of referrals and advertisements, and turn the site itself into our own asset.

Case 2

Industry: Outsourcing (construction)

Request: I want to solve the lack of manpower in recruitment

Solution: Since we are recruiting a wide range of targets from inexperienced to qualified personnel nationwide, we have always submitted applications to major media. I couldn’t get to the point where I could use the scout mail and recommend function, which are the functions of each medium, well, and I was overwhelmed by the applicant’s correspondence and schedule adjustment. The number of applicants increased by about 18% by performing the scout mail proxy transmission. In addition, I have come to be responsible for part of the work such as adjusting the schedule and correcting the manuscript.


  • Planning and design: Semi-delegation contract
  • Production: Contract contract

Basic set

  • Understanding the current situation and understanding your solution
  • Goal design, milestone formulation
  • Requirements definition document
  • Conducting a review meeting


  • Operation management design
  • Outcome management design

As your IT team

  • DevOps Consultant
  • Azure engineer


  • System usage analysis
  • Planning of improvement measures
  • Support Desk
  • Functional description for administrators


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