Why is the “user experience” getting so much attention? UX (user experience) is translated as “user experience” or “user experience”, and is the collective term for experiences and emotions that users can experience when they contact or use a company, product or service.

Due to technological advances, the functions and features of products have become indistinguishable from other companies' products and services. Up until now, we have been able to attract people’s attention by launching high-performance new products. However, in the modern era when things have spread sufficiently, people have stopped paying attention only to their functions, and have started paying for “experience”.

Emphasizing “experience” such as “easy to use” and “easy to understand” will certainly enhance the value of the product. UX is the right investment, unless you are sure that you will be differentiated by features alone.

We utilize the DevExpress framework to accelerate UX development. Please contact our professionals to understand your current situation and plan a plan.


Industry: Major food manufacturing industry

Issues: We want to realize close to 1 million internal data searches and groupings under free conditions with good operability and responsiveness.

Solution: Select DevExpress UI kit. It was decided that the required data could be selected and displayed in about 0.2 seconds using the background query. It was a new experience for the users and was appreciated by the person in charge.


  • Planning and design: Semi-delegation contract
  • Production: Contract contract

Basic set

  • Understanding the current situation and understanding your solution
  • Goal design, milestone formulation
  • Requirements definition document
  • Basic design document creation
  • Prototype/POC creation
  • Conducting a review meeting


  • UX design
  • Security design
  • Performance design

As your IT team

  • UX/UI consultant
  • DevExpress Specialist
  • C#/JavaScript programmer
  • HTML/CSS coder


  • System usage analysis
  • Planning of improvement measures
  • Support Desk
  • Functional description for administrators


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