Why is “Big Data” attracting attention? With the spread of smartphones, a large amount of data has started to appear. Even refrigerators and air conditioners are connected to the Internet and continue to generate new data. Corporate maintenance data is growing exponentially.

In the past, storage, storage, and processing of large-scale, diverse data have had issues of capacity, cost, speed, and so on. But with the advent of cheap table storage, it’s possible to store unnormalized data as raw information. In combination with a denormalized database, we can provide the information users need in a responsive manner.

Pros of table storage

  • Large amount of data can be handled at low cost
  • Can store denormalized or duplicate data for faster loading
  • Maximize system performance in combination with normalized data


  • Limited indexing capabilities

We will build a database promptly with Large-scale data storage Azure Table Storage. Please contact our professionals to understand your current situation and plan a plan.


Industry: Human resource services

Overview: Raw data from IoT devices is stored in a large-capacity database, Azure Table Storage. In order for the user to see the information, by regularly invoking Azure Function, data is aggregated and processed to create Json data optimized for display. By storing the display data in the Cosmos database whose performance is easy to tune, the query screen was displayed almost instantly.


  • Planning and design: Semi-delegation contract
  • Production: Contract contract

Basic set

  • Understanding the current situation and understanding your solution
  • Goal design, milestone formulation
  • Requirements definition document
  • Basic design document creation
  • Prototype/POC creation
  • Conducting a review meeting


  • Storage design
  • Security design
  • Performance design

As your IT team

  • Big Data Consultant
  • Azure Table Storage Engineer
  • C#/JavaScript programmer


  • System usage analysis
  • Planning of improvement measures
  • Support Desk
  • Functional description for administrators


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