Why are “chatbots” getting so much attention? A chatbot is a combination of chat and bot, which means “a robot that talks.” It is not a physical robot but a communication tool for companies.

User benefits

  • Feel free to contact us
  • Reduces call waiting time

Corporate benefits

  • Reduced man-hours for operators and reduced turnover rate
  • Repeat bot learning to improve service
  • Logs help improve business

Even in work style reforms aimed at improving labor productivity, there is an urgent need to improve work efficiency, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Chatbots are IT tools that help improve operations together with RPA.

We utilize Azure Bot Framework to quickly develop chatbots. Please contact our professionals to understand your current situation and plan a plan.


Industry: Securities

Request: Reduced frequent internal inquiries to the IT department

Solution: Since Office 365 E3 was already used by users, we set up an inquiry bot by Bot-Framework and Q&A Maker so that it could be used by company operators. For atypical questions, the Handoff feature transferred conversations from bots to humans. After applying the solution, we were able to reduce most of the telephone inquiries.


  • Planning and design: Semi-delegation ontract
  • Production: Contract contract

Basic set

  • Understanding the current situation and understanding your solution
  • Goal design, milestone formulation
  • Requirements definition document
  • Basic design document creation
  • Prototype/POC creation
  • Conducting a review meeting


  • Chatbot design
  • Security design
  • Performance design

As your IT team

  • Bot consultant
  • Azure Bot Service Specialist
  • C#/JavaScript programmer


  • System usage analysis
  • Planning of improvement measures
  • Support Desk
  • Functional description for administrators


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