Why is “B2C development service” important? The awareness of social crisis has increased in response to the recent leak of customer information. Regarding future information leaks, it will be obligatory to report to the Personal Information Protection Committee and notify the person in question.

In B2C development, the system is constructed with emphasis on subject authentication and handling of personal information.

B2C development benefits

  • Provides user sign-up, sign-in and profile management
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, .NET and SPA applications
  • Login with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter accounts
  • Supports two-factor authentication

Our company will quickly build a subject authentication service using Azure B2C service. Please contact our professionals to understand your current situation and plan a plan.


Industry: Mid-level service industry

Number of licenses: 700

Request: We are using Salesforce, but the budget ratio of license fees is high and the cost to optimize CRM is insufficient.

Solution: A company that was worried about license fees and governor restrictions. Since Office 365 E3 was already introduced, we have proposed Dynamics 365. For data migration, we set up a real-time data migration pipeline from Salesforce with a three month parallel uptime. In the meantime, data registration was performed from Salesforce, data reference was performed on Dynamics side, and two CRMs were operated in parallel using the same data. We asked the Dynamics side to confirm that there were no operational problems, set a switching date, and implemented the transition to Dynamics. We have achieved a smooth transition.


  • Planning and design: Semi-delegation contract
  • Production: Contract contract

Basic set

  • Understanding the current situation and understanding your solution
  • Goal design, milestone formulation
  • Requirements definition document
  • Basic design document creation
  • Prototype/POC creation
  • Conducting a review meeting


-Application design -Security design -Performance design

As your IT team

-B2C Service Consultant -B2C application engineer -C#/JavaScript programmer -Test engineer


-System usage analysis -Planning of improvement measures

  • Support Desk -Functional description for administrators


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