Recruitment information Why do not you work with us to automate customer management

At Anders, we are looking for talent who can think the success of your company first. I do not care about CRM knowledge at this stage. Please feel free to inquire.

Personality desired

Professional people
Person who has the ability to pull out
Those interested in cross-border global development
Person aiming for CRM consultant
People who want to focus on Microsoft cloud products

Engineers who did not have experience in the upstream process can aim at consultants and architects, as well as careers and income.

It is an environment where you can receive guidance and lectures from professionals with consulting know-how, which is said to be super upstream, aiming for annual income of 10 million yen. The secret of this annual income is to have know-how of upstream processes and profit sharing rate to employees is high.

Also, corporate culture like a venture company is attractive. For example, we can do prototyping (prototype production) in India and make a challenging proposal by taking advantage of our financial capabilities.

Because of the technology backbone of Microsoft cloud products, it is possible to proceed with stable and challenging work. Start a career as an IT consultant / architect with high market value and aim for annual income of 10 million.

Wanted jobs

Microsoft Cloud Consultant Candidate

We will mainly provide consulting and design for introduction or transition concerning Dynamics 365 / Office 365. Sometimes we support in-house production of operations and maintenance by customers.

Microsoft Cloud Architect candidate

Mainly design and build networks and applications with Azure products. I am in charge of system integration with multiple subsystems.

.NETarchitect candidate

We will mainly design and develop applications using C #. We will actively incorporate overseas tools and utilize the latest productivity tools to build a system.

Even in cases where it does not become an immediate fighting force of the above-mentioned occupation, experience gradually from similar matters and aim for all people as architect / consultant.

Job Description

As a candidate for an IT consultant / architect candidate, we will enter from the support of a senior consultant / architect, and eventually we will leave roles such as business consultant, technology consultant, package consultant, development architect, PMO.

Flow after joining the company

We have established an environment where you can introduce projects by establishing personal connections with those who participated in seminars for system introduction projects or by making a greeting visit to an IT consulting company · SIer. Business activities accompany the visit of a senior consultant to propose “what kind of system can you introduce yourself”, or attend a meeting at a meeting.

After that, I am also involved in practical tasks such as preparing proposals and requirement definition documents, and I hope to leave the project as the main responsibility half a year to a year later.

About the project

The project period varies from several months to several years, but the number of projects in about six months will increase. It is basically resident at the client.

Banking virtualization information management management support
Securities-related customer management system reconstruction consulting
Advertisement related customer relationship management management support
Consulting for automobile manufacturing accounting services
Broadcasting system Sales broadcasting system restructuring support Other

About development

Mainly develop or perform SI business in the following technical fields. (Different for each case)

Development Product / Microsoft Cloud / On Premise Products
Development method / Cloud product customization (domestic), C # development and R & D work (offshore, English)
Open environment/Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365
Language: C # (server side) / JavaScript (client side)

Recruitment background

We are engaged in IT consulting and implementation support for companies in a wide range of industries including finance, broadcasting and real estate. From the trust and achievements we have cultivated so far, we have received many requests, but in many cases we refuse to refuse due to lack of personnel. In order to further expand the business in response to the increasing number of projects in the future, we will increase the number of IT consultants this time.

Career up support

For those seeking consultants / architects, foreign education engineers familiar with Microsoft technology will train candidates. At the same time as learning English, you will be able to participate in foreign-affiliated and offshore projects as well.

“English” is an important keyword of recent IT human resource requirements. Technical meetings in English often use the same words as Japanese katakana, relatively easy to learn, many people can learn as it is.

English and technical training will be done by telephone, chat, so you can receive it regardless of location or time (for our employees, of course it is free of charge)

Application Requirements

Qualification requirements

Those who fall under either of the following (education unquestionable)

Candidate candidate: Person who has basic design experience (type of project · development environment is not necessary)
Architect candidate: experienced in .NET development

Employment status

Positive member / contract member

Service area and traffic

Expert Office, 2-10-3, Kojimachi Chiyoda, Tokyo
Various places in Tokyo (equivalent to customers)
Telework (telecommuting at home)

Holiday / Vacation

Annual holiday 120 days
Full weekly two day system (Saturday, Sunday)
public holiday
New Year holiday
Welfare holidays (4 days)
paid holidays
Congratulations on vacation

Company benefits

Bonuses / twice a year (May / November) ※ Standard 6 months
Social insurance outcomes (employment, workers’ injury, welfare pension, health insurance)
Transportation expenses (up to 100,000 yen a month)

Application method