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All of the best practices for generating sales results with Dynamics 365

Let's take measures to form long-term customer relationships as a company, instead of the folly sales method. All the necessary knowledge and skills to use Dynamics 365 are explained. We aim to increase sales by balancing sales and customer satisfaction.

All about Indian style telework practice

This spring, with the introduction of telework by a pandemic, the working hours of working people have been enriched, while managers have become worried about whether employees who have disappeared can not be seen. Therefore, since they enthusiastically carried out “surveillance activities” such as informal reports and meetings to confirm enrollment, both the manager and those who are being exhausted are exhausted, and an organization that will not achieve even better results will be created. We are in a vicious circle. This site explains what you should do to create a functioning telework system, and know-how that can be realized in a quick and inexpensive way. (To be released in 2021)

GITHUB source code released

The AMP corporate site framework developed by HUGO is available on GITHUB. Please use it as a technical reference.