With IT system compatibility between sales and employee retention

On behalf of past ways we prayed that sales would increase with passionate customer attraction and sales, in customer relationship management naturally attracting people to companies and products, to train prospects, contracts, service provision, customer satisfaction With a pipeline. The productivity of the worksite and administrative department is increased, and reduction of working hours is realized.

Proposal of overall IT operation management in SMEs

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most effective management strategies for business development in all industries. It is the work of Anders that let us root this culture to our customers and experience the highly efficient method.


I will give you all of the system introduction know-how

All of employee productivity improvement and implementation achieved with Office 365

“Work as usual, anywhere” – Improving employee productivity will naturally lead to an excellent internal team, improving the company-wide service level. With less investment, we will explain in detail how to build group wear within the company, we will be able to make a solid result.

  1. Office 365 とは
  2. Considerations before implementation
  3. Introducing Office 365
  4. Migrate mail server
  5. Migrating file servers
All of the knowledge and practical method necessary to make sales results with Dynamics 365

Let’s take measures to form long-term customer relationships as a company on behalf of a seductive sales method. I will explain all the necessary knowledge and skills to utilize Dynamics 365. We strive to achieve both sales and customer satisfaction, and aim for sales that will rise sharply.

  1. What is customer relationship management (CRM)?
  2. Considerations before introducing CRM
  3. Dynamics 365 とは
  4. Perform business management
  5. Do marketing
  6. Managing Dynamics 365
Method of content marketing that can attract customers with Wordpress Conclusion

Beginners who do not have any knowledge of the web will also explain how to create sites in Wordpress so that they can attract customers. We will install and set up the system and explain everything about how to create content for attracting customers.

  1. Introduction of Wordpress
  2. Set theme
  3. Create and post articles
  4. Create fixed page
  5. About article management
  6. Plugin settings


Would you like to automate the sales system with us?

The work of Andaze is not just to introduce the system. From the standpoint of the site, managers, and managers in the client company, we are to hunt for issues and continue to devise measures from the system side. We are looking for talented people who can think of customer success firstly in Andaze.